Corporate Function
Host your own corporate casino night
including dealers, table cards and chips
For an evening of style and excitement, why not host your very own corporate poker tournaments? As far as corporate entertainment and team building goes, there isn't much out there that beats poker.

There are very powerful connections between corporate success and Texas holdem poker, your individual play and personal style.

Discover and understand more about yourself and those you work with, including visible "tells" - body language and psychology at times of stress, when to read opponents weakness, risk analysis and much more. All through the dynamic game of poker.

For example, methodical and neatly stacked chips are a sign of methodical, conservative and often thoughtful players. Messy and poorly stacked chips are players that play aggressive but loose poker.

Pupils dilate when you are nervous or excited. This is the reason that poker players wear dark glasses even inside and at night. They may be able to disguise their emotions outwardly, however they cannot stop their pupils from dilating. Another example is players who bet slowly want to make it easy as possible for you to call. They think they have you beat and don't want to scare you off.

Poker psychology boils down to your ability to observe how other play, and use that experience to judge how your opponents may be playing their current hand. The simplest layer of poker psychology is to watch what your opponents visibly do based on their own cards.

Corporate events take on a whole new meaning with Crocodile Entertainment.

Your level of poker experience is irrelevant, as we tailor each event to suit the individuals participating from those who know nothing, right through to the old hands. In fact, poker tournaments such as the World Poker Tour and Late Night Poker are often a mix of amateurs and professional poker players. And for those needing a couple of poker lessons, our friendly croupiers are more than happy to oblige.

Most of our croupiers and staff have worked in some of the world's best known casinos. They don't just deal cards. They actively engage the guests and participants to ensure maximum entertainment. It's a unique and amazing way to involve all of your guests, whether they are staff or clients or a mix of both. There is no better way for them to socialise and network, strategise and plot.

We offer a winning combination of lessons, laughs and luck and eliminate losers as we go. Your professional croupier will guide you through the do's and don'ts, and as there is no money at stake (just your reputation as a cool customer), everyone can relax and concentrate on bluffing their way to the last hand.

This is your opportunity to learn the lingo and hone those killer business skills. We know you and your guests will love poker as much as we love bringing Crocodile Entertainment to you.